filming is fun


We have a long track record of working in schools and in 2019, SYFF ran a pilot project in Clackmannanshire to showcase how film in the classroom can improve literacy and several other markers in education. The project was a huge success and a film and written report are available from SYFF upon request.

SYFF tutors will work in a classroom setting to teach both the pupils and the teachers how film can be effectively used in the classroom. Lessons cover film analysis and work towards pupils producing their own work using tablets and class resources.

Praise For Our Education

“The whole experience has been fantastic – not only for the children But for my own development. I’ve always used media and technology In the classroom but never as effectively as I will in the future.” - Beverley Donald, P7 teacher, Clackmannan Primary School

“ This project broke down barriers to literacy for all our learners regardless of their abilities. They enjoyed storytelling and film making and were amazed by what they achieved.” - Jill Henderson, Teacher Special Educational Needs, Lochies School

“I have never seen my class so engaged in a project. It was also training for me and gave me tools to use in the classroom. I have planned my reading project in a completely different way.” - Claire Hume, P6 Teacher, Banchory Primary School

“The whole thing was fun, the whole experience.” - Young person, Kirkpatrick Fleming

“We watch movies entirely differently now.” - Young person, Banchory

“I’m probably engaging more with it because I actually know how to describe it and to understand it more than I did before we started this project. - Young person, Alva