Vital Skills Required

Running a film charity can be lots of fun as you will have noticed from our other blog posts. We get to travel around a bit and meet lots of energetic young people and we get to be part of telling some amazing stories (as well as some truly bonkers ones) as we go along. So you won’t catch us grumbling. It beats some of the jobs we’ve had in the past. But when all is said and done we are hardly the emergency services, we’re not exactly Médecins sans Frontieres. This isn’t a first responder situation and we freely admit that no one ever interrupted a play shouting ‘Is there a director of photography in the house?!’

But more than being a film charity we are an education charity. The new skills being sought by the screen industry are actually the new skills being sought by all industries. We were reminded of this through an article in the Guardian. teenagers-to-break-free-of-fear-and-fight-for-creative-freedom

There is a growing consensus that the skills of the future are things like creativity, communication, problem solving and teamwork and that people entering the workplace today are more likely to have seven careers than just the one. Across all those careers there will be greater emphasis on what are called ‘fusion’ skills like initiative, adaptability and a capacity for critical thinking.

And what undertaking do we know that involves a need for great group work alongside independence of thought? We’ll be expanding in the next two years as we try to bring our type of education to every young person that wants it.

For those interested in hearing more there’s also the late, great Sir Ken Robinson.