Armadale Academy pupils at EIFF

Outreach Projects

Outreach projects are where we work intensely with a group of young people to produce a short film.

Each Outreach project is different but in general we will visit the group to run an Input day, where we look at films, analyse what makes them work and talk about story and script. We’ll then give some time for a script to be written and come back to work with the group over the course of several days to produce and shoot their film. All of the roles are taken by the young people, with SYFF tutors on hand to guide the production. Once complete we have a celebratory screening in the local community and each outreach film will go on to be shown at our Festival.

Since inception, we have produced over 20 Outreach films with groups from across Scotland and covering, drama and documentary.

Our outreach work is targeted specifically at young people who would not normally get the chance to engage in creative film making activity.

Praise For Our Projects

“I loved the shooting days, because what we wrote became a reality.” - Young person, Falkirk

“It just brought us all together. You kind of forget all the bad stuff outside of this.” - Young person, Inverclyde

“It’s been really inspiring. The ideas they have came up with are fantastic. Way beyond what we would have expected. It blew our socks off” - Youth Worker, Inverclyde

“There’s been a really great balance of hard work and fun. That’s been managed fantastically.” - Youth Worker, Inverclyde

“Making a film was a privilege, it’s not something that happens everyday. Some of us would never have gotten the opportunity to do this and you’ve gave us that chance” - Young person, Livingston

“My favourite thing has been seeing the young people taking on different parts in the film process, from acting, to doing sound, to doing camera and seeing how they’ve developed over the week of the shoot.” - Youth Support Worker, East Renfrewshire